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Free Software from GJR Computing

Software is available to download from here ... free! To my knowledge these programs will all run successfully on any 32 bit Windows system (ie from Windows 95 through to XP). However, some of the titles are very old now, and I make no guarantee of compatibility, performance, or usefulness!

Current Products are those which I believe still have a relevance in modern times.

Software Museum contains all the other programs I have ever published.

Beta Versions are for trialling purposes only.

Nothing here has been updated for at least 12 months, however, I haven't given up on the idea of producing something new, so keep an eye out for announcements here and on the home page.

If you have suggestions for improvements to my software, or for useful little programs that nobody's bothered to write yet, let me know - I might have a go!

All software is free to download, install, use and distribute, provided it is only distributed in the same form in which it is found on the site (unamended self-extracting archives or application file).

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