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Click to visit the source of this image on the world wide webThank you for visiting Poetry Corner, the home of quiet reflection and thought-provoking verse. Read a poem by selecting it from the menu on the right.


If you want to publish your own verse in Poetry Corner, please send it to me. I'm not promising to use contributions, and no fees are available! Unless you specify otherwise, I will make your e-mail address available on publication.

Clown In The Moon
The Deserter
Don't Be Square
Flowers That Die
The Folks Who Live On The Hill
Getting There
I Am Scared Of...
Impression Du Matin
An Interlude
Mama, You Been on My Mind
The Old Familiar Faces
On Creativity
One Day I May Believe In Spring
People On Trains
Trial & Error
What Ifs
When You Are Old
Wit and Wisdom

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