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Welcome to my music database. Here you will find details of all the CDs in my collection. Use the menu above to choose a route into the database, or perform a quick search here:

You may also like to listen to my radio station on LAUNCHcast.

Enquiries about the database

I regularly receive e-mail from people who have seen music on these pages and want to get hold of it. Either they want to know where they can buy the CD, or they want me to make a copy on tape/CD/MP3.

As a general rule I will not make copies of music. Apart from obvious copyright issues, I would rather that those involved in bringing great music to us should get the financial and emotional reward of another sale.

As for where you can buy these CDs, I do not have any industry contacts, I can only look at the stores that you can find yourself. The two sites where I tend to look are Amazon.co.uk and CD-WOW. You should also be able to get more information from good "bricks and mortar" record shops, with their own extensive databases and/or knowledgeable staff..

I am happy to answer general enquiries about the music listed here, especially if I can find the answer from looking at the disc or sleevenotes - for example, if I haven't listed the serial number of a disc, or if you think another artist has contributed to a track. In fact, I enjoy these enquiries because they prompt me to listen to albums I might not have heard for years.

Also, I am very grateful to people who can point out errors in the database. As you will appreciate, thousands of songs are listed here, and there are bound to be typing mistakes or wrongly credited tracks. And if you think I have given an album a rating that is way too low (or high), then let me know (and tell me why) and I'll give it another listen.

Some notes about the database

You will notice in the Top 100 Albums, that only one disc of a multi-disc album may be listed. That's because I rate each disc separately, not each album. Okay, so that means it ought to be called the Top 100 Discs, but that doesn't sound as good. In any case, if one disc is in the Top 100, you can be assured that the album as a whole is worth buying. If more than one disc is in the list, then why haven't you bought the album already?

There will be some incomplete titles, particularly of tracks. This is a legacy of my previous database which had limited space available for titles. I'll try to fix them when I can.

Some of my jazz tracks may not be attributed to the correct artists. This is because there are just so many and I don't have unlimited time, so I've tended to use the name of the artist who the album is credited to. Again, in time I will correct these errors.

Guest artists appear on some tracks, and well known artists may perform in lesser (or better) known bands. I intend to create a cross-reference index to account for this in the future. Be patient please.

If you have any ideas for ways to improve this reference, please let me know!

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