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A Brief History of Gavin

Born Gavin James Regnart on 21 January 1970 at RAF Cosford, Shropshire, and brought up in Stafford, I'm now a 54 year-old computer programmer living in Birmingham, England. The programs you'll find on the Free Software pages are not my professional efforts - they were written for recreation (and world-wide admiration perhaps).

Outside of programming and web-publishing, my main interests are music and cinema. I have varied tastes, and among my favourites are Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen, Frank Sinatra, R.E.M., Bob Dylan and Steven Spielberg.

I have written a great many songs in my time, and the lyrics to a few can be found in Poetry Corner. I cannot claim to have been as prolific in film-making, but I did once feature in a short, silent, art-house movie (sorry, I meant curry-house), which is available for a free download via the Miscellany link.

Not a great sportsman, I have been known to swim and play a little badminton (separately!). I also follow the 'fortunes' of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.


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